WordPress Migration & Cloning

WordPress migration services involve moving all website files and databases from one hosting company to another hosting company. Besides, you must configure all plugins on the new server, check whether the PHP version will work with them, and set a connection to the MySQL database. We also sometimes transfer pages to another account in the same hosting company to clone it for modernization.

Information Gathering and Analysis

The first step is to analyze the current status of the website. We collect necessary information such as correct access to the old and new server, website and domain. On the server we check what version of the database and PHP we have installed and whether the server has an email account or e-mail aliases to transfer. We analyze the installed version of WordPress core and plugins. At the domain registrar, we check which DNS servers the domain is connected to, it is very important when the client uses another email provider, e.g. Google Suit or uses the CDN service.


Secure Backup

After the analysis, we determine how much time it will take to migrate the website and optionally e-mail accounts with their content. In most cases, it does not take more than two hours. After the client accepts the time frame, we proceed to secure copies of data from the server, which we want to transfer data. When the data is secure, and its accuracy has been confirmed, we transfer it to a new server.


Restore and Verification

The next step is connecting the domain to the new server and restoring data. If the WordPress site does not contain a large number of photos and videos, this process is not long, but with a large number of videos and images, this process can take several hours. After starting the WordPress on the new server, we switch it to maintenance mode, and on the administrator’s back end, we check that all data has been restored correctly and that the installed plugins work properly on the new server. Sometimes plugins that work on one server do not work correctly on a new server. When we are 100% sure that the site works identically as on the old server, maintenance mode is disabled, and the WordPress site goes live. The last but not least step is to move mailboxes if this option was purchased.


After receiving your information, we will contact you via email for more details.

Pricing starting from $49 for complete WordPress Migration Site

If your hosting company has raised prices or you are looking for a new faster hosting, and you do not feel comfortable in technical aspects of servers and databases, we will help you migrate your WordPress site today.

Our WordPress Migration Service works work with Shared Hosting, VPS, and Dedicated Servers.

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