WordPress Theme Customization

We will install and customize the theme of your choice so that it contains the logo of your company
and matches the color of business card, letterhead, and the overall image of your business.

Theme Customization Service

You found the theme you liked, and you are happy with all the features it has. Now you need to install it on your server and fill it with your content and photos or videos. Sounds easy, right? Unfortunately, the installation and changes to the theme are not copying & pasting files that you receive after paying for the WordPress theme. Any customization in the WordPress theme may cause other elements to stop working. Every day we deal with such tasks, and we will gladly help you to make it happen, secure, and customize the WordPress theme of your choice according to your needs.

Which WordPress Theme Is Good?

When buying a theme for WordPress, pay attention to buy from reliable suppliers. They should provide future updates to your chosen WordPress theme to be compatible with the next versions of WordPress. Remember that various elements of WordPress are updated even several times a month. So if you do not feel confident in keeping your WordPress backend up to date, it is worth investing in a maintenance plan and sleep peacefully without worrying about whether your site has been hacked or not.

Why Is It Worth Buying a Theme?

The website builds on WordPress can be done in two ways. The first way is by coding the theme from scratch. This solution is very time consuming and expensive because you need to hire a developer and spend time making a plan and explain it to the developer how every element of the website should work and test every aspect. Developing from scratch cost starts at five digits, and the process may take a couple of months. The second way chosen by 95% of businesses is to get a premade theme, modernize it for your own needs and launch it in a few days. The process is much cheaper and faster, and a good WordPress theme can be modernized to meet client expectations fully.

Customize WordPress Theme Today

We carry out all WordPress theme customizations, from simple logo placement or import of demo content to complete upload of all your business data like services, photos, videos, reviews, Google map location, etc.

Pricing starts from $99

For your satisfaction, we are working with all builders including Divi and Elementor.

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